What we do

We love playing computer games, but even more we love creating them.

Currently we are switching towards the development of mobile f2p games.

In early June 2014 together with Big Fish Games, we launched our first f2p project Agency 33 (PC only at first). We have implemented all our previous successful experience with developing premium hidden object adventure games in this project.

Today we are working on a new f2p project. It combines all of our gaming experience in RPG-projects and MMO-component games. This project is a mobile f2p MMO-RPG “Rise of The Titans”. The project targets the midcore-audience. It is unrivalled among f2p games on the mobile market. The players are to expect a thrilling journey in the new carefully elaborated world in a first-person view. The players will be able to create their own unique characters, develop their fighting skills, obtain unique gear and powerful potions, and find the right companions for battle. Become a hero and complete the journey full of furious monsters, powerful bosses and nearly invincible Titans to defend the last stronghold of humanity from annihilation.

Our history

Today we are one of the best companies that develops casual adventure games. We develop computer games since 2006 and during these years our company has collaborated with the world leading publishers of casual games. Our most popular games series are: Witches Legacy, Fear for Sale and Mayan Prophecies.

Who we are

We are EleFun Games. Computer games are our long-standing passion. To date, the company employs more than 70 people. Some of the most talented specialists from different Russian cities come here to work in our company. We are constantly looking for new talents that are as much passionate about computer games as we are. Our office is located in one of the most picturesque places in Russia, in Akademgorodok Novosibirsk.