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What  Is “Rise of the Titans” ?

Rise of the Titans is a multiplayer f2p RPG    for mobile devices.

Key features:

  • The game has fantasy setting
  • Target Audience: midcore-players.
  • Target platforms: IOS and Android, the    priority device is IPhone


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Possibilities of the players

Players will meet:

  • Large world: city, dungeon, variety of races and monsters;
  • Exciting story arc;
  • Worked out game world where the player will dig into thanks to first person perspective;
  • PvE-battles in dungeons;
  • Asynchronous PvP-battles in arena;
  • Craft and improvement of equipment using materials that is got in dungeons;
  • Joint battles against Titans-bosses;
  • Great many quests from game characters;
  • Developed clans system.
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Game World

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Story Of The World

Many years ago people and variety of other races were inhabiting all over the Earth. But once Titans appeared – huge creatures doing away with all living beings on their way. People were trying to find rescue. They fenced their territories with the walls. Titans were defeating wall to wall. Finally people were edged out  to the defensible town in the mountains  – the last citadel of humanity, that is fenced by the last wall.
The lead character is a valiant warrior that steps after his missing father in order to unravel the mystery of the Titans and save mankind from them.

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Classic view from first person perspective;
Examination of dungeons amid of battles;
Searching for treasures and materials for crafting.

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Battles in arena;
Crafting and improvement of equipment;
Learning new skills;
Performance of quests.

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Battle System

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The following targets were set while developing battle system:

Step by step battle;
3 basic and 15 super-power, combo-strikes, development of powers. Inflicting basic strokes, the player generates rage that is used  for super-strokes. Several super-strokes make combo.
3 weapon of classes, 3 armor classes. Weapon of each class damages armor of each class defined way;

Features of the battle system:

The battle system should be suitable for intermittent style of gaming on mobile devices;
To provide variability of battle;
To provide advantage for experienced players over inexperienced ones during battles.

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